Update: Qurna Appreciated

Following on from my essays on Mohamed Snake and the destruction of the villages of Qurna I was very pleased to see that a new book has been written by the anthropologist Dr Kees van der Spek under the title The Modern Neighbors of Tutankhamun: History, Life, and Work in the Villages of the Theban West Bank. This is a very timely publication which will provide some balance to the negative propaganda put about in recent years by the former Supreme Council for Antiquities and its leader Dr Zahi Hawass. I have not yet got hold of a copy but according to a review I have read in Ancient Egypt Magazine it includes a foreword by the much respected American archaeologist Professor Kent Weeks who talks of “…the Disneyfication of Luxor, the suppression or physical removal of its indigenous people and their culture, and the creation of an artificial ‘Ancient Egypt Land’ whose appearance owes more to Hollywood than to historical veracity.”

Those of us who love Luxor and its people can only hope that the coming years will see some modification of the policy which, in the words of a west bank taxi driver I spoke to in 2009 “thinks only of tourists and the monuments of the past and cares nothing for the people who live here in the present.”

Devastation in Qurna, January 2009. To the right of the picture is the guest wing of the original Sennefer Restaurant and Guest House, one of the last buildings to be removed from the area of the Tombs of the Nobles.

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One Response to Update: Qurna Appreciated

  1. The whole area feels soul-less now the heart has been ripped out of it. I used to love wandering through the hustle and bustle of the villages, whereas all that is left is evidence of painted walls and old tin cans and ship ships.
    I will look out for that book Tim, thanks

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