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Aswan: Gateway to Nubia (Part 2)

In a few strokes of the oars we three men in a boat are approaching the western shore of Elephantine, the largest of the Nile islands at Aswan. A row of feluccas are moored against the bank and a background … Continue reading

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Aswan: Gateway to Nubia (Part 1)

Below the Monastery of St Simeon, Aswan, Sunday 25th January, 2009 I thank the guardians as I leave the monastery gate and scramble down one of the rocky paths to the sandy one below. I expect the GPS needle to … Continue reading

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Coming together

Luxor west bank, Tuesday 27th January, 2009 On Saturday¬†Ahmed had suggested the idea of combining the Temple of Seti and the Tombs of the Nobles with a visit to the local market at Qurna where the people of the west … Continue reading

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