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A First Visit to the Temple of Amun at Karnak

It is no exaggeration to say that I had thought, and dreamed, of Karnak pretty regularly since first seeing a picture of the great hypostyle hall in a newspaper supplement while waiting outside a fish and chip shop one day in the … Continue reading

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In the Footsteps of David Roberts (2): Around Aswan

Few 19th-century artists did more to popularise travel in Egypt than Edinburgh-born David Roberts. His work managed to convey not just the romantic spirit of sites up and down the Nile, but to capture much of the architectural and decorative … Continue reading

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Not Just a Nurse

Karnak, February 1850 “On the wall of the propylon is Seti, kneeling, and offering himself in the form of a little figure which is eagerly bending forward on its knees. Immediately beyond this, as if in answer to this devoting … Continue reading

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Ascent to the Domain of the Moon God

Thoth Hill – apparently so-called after the great Egyptologist Flinders Petrie found a number of fragments dedicated to the god in the area – is one of the highest points of the Theban Hills. It lies on the other side … Continue reading

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