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A Walk Through Old Cairo

Friday 28th October, 2011. One week after the serious violence between Christians and Muslims on the streets of Cairo known as “The Maspero Massacre” That morning Mohammed picks up Pauline, Liz and me from our apartment near the Pyramids at … Continue reading

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In the Footsteps of David Roberts (2): Around Aswan

Few 19th-century artists did more to popularise travel in Egypt than Edinburgh-born David Roberts. His work managed to convey not just the romantic spirit of sites up and down the Nile, but to capture much of the architectural and decorative … Continue reading

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Into the Mummy Pit

“Of some of these tombs many persons could not withstand the suffocating air, which often causes fainting. A vast quantity of dust rises, so fine that it enters into the throat and nostrils, and chokes the nose and mouth to … Continue reading

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Not Just a Nurse

Karnak, February 1850 “On the wall of the propylon is Seti, kneeling, and offering himself in the form of a little figure which is eagerly bending forward on its knees. Immediately beyond this, as if in answer to this devoting … Continue reading

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A Castle in the Sands (Part 2)

Aswan, 25th January 2009 The final approach to the monastery of St Simeon, down a perfect dune of golden sand, is sublime, and accompanied in my earphones by the crescendo in the soundtrack to The English Patient, the part where … Continue reading

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A View from a Window

“At Luxor the French Consul showed us over the old tumble-down building called ‘The French House’ which, though but a rude structure of palm-timbers and sun-dried clay, built partly against and partly over the Temple of Luxor, has its place … Continue reading

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In the Footsteps of David Roberts

The rekindling of my passion for Egypt some seven years ago went hand-in-hand with my discovery of the artist David Roberts, whose alluring images seemed to reflect my own imaginative landscape. David Roberts was born on 24th October 1796 in … Continue reading

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Encounters with a Man called Snake. Part 3.

“We have decided to demolish most of the old buildings above the tombs to remove the sight pollution, but we did choose to preserve 25 of them in order to keep a record of the history and heritage of the … Continue reading

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Ramesses the Great

“What made Ramesses II great?” asked the new child-friendly item label in the British Museum gallery of Egyptian sculpture. The answer, according to the label, is that he was a great self-publicist. Well that’s a hard allegation to deny for … Continue reading

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